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In each seed there is the coming fruit and the coming harvest. “A form of one’s being dies in order to give space to the next being.” The garden is the space where this return begins with the seeds planted previously. In the ritual of kolla raymi, mother earth, ashpamamita, is fed and is asked for permission. Then, we can start planting in order to regenerate the seeds. From there, the school garden is essential. Aside from this ritual, there is a mental ritual excluding the purification of the natural.

Kolla Raymi

Kapak Raymi

La fiesta andina Kapak Raymi y la navidad cristiana, son dos fiestas importantes pero distintas. La una apegada al sumak kawsay y la otra al buen vivir. Las dos inevitables si evitamos el consumismo y el deterioro del medio ambiente.

The sun is halfway on its journey and it undertakes its return on muyuy, everyone listens, chats, and follows what the signs indicate. Live follows its bustling regeneration in the garden and in the country orchard. In the strengthening of life festival (be it human, seed, wind, or mountain), the crops of the ñawis are strengthened and like people who are cleaning, it is timely.

Pauka Raymi

Like all living organisms, the pacha, or local landscape, has its moments of contradiction and expansion. It has its moments of spawning and budding because in these times, the ceremonies are tied with yakumamita, or mother aguita and it proceeds the conversation with the waterfall, river, lake, and pukyu. In this season also proceeds the ritual of sisay pacha and the ritual of akcha rutuchi or short hair. In the city, we have seen it done in pools or sinks. Majority will say that it is fine but the spirit of that water will be sad if it is not running water.

Inti Raymi

At the end of June, the sun disappears in order to rest and die. It is the moment in which the sun festival, inti raymi, is celebrated, which initiates the renovation of the sun’s life and all life forms. We know that the sun will return but it is never known the circumstances in which how the sun, the rain, the corn will present itself. The dance en muyuy is necessary in order for the diverse seeds to rest well and in order for them to want to return. The drink, sara aswa, grilled Guinea pig, el mote, el canelazo, are crucial. Without this, the following harvest will be few and the well-being of the garden will suffer.

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